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Cấu trúc độc đáo của cam bánh răng lăn được duy trì tuy nhiên sản phẩm đã được cải tiến để thuận tiện cho người sử dụng.

*Tổng quan về sản phẩm:

Item Example Specific explanation
Format HA Means the type of device
[HD] Specifications of shaft type output axis,
[HA] specifications of hollow shaft flange type output axis
Size 090

Means the distance between input axes and output axis (mm)

– As for HA type model, 70 to 450mm are prepared.

Number of division 08

Means the number of stop per output axis for each rotation of the input axis

– Up to 48 stops are available depending on the specifications of dwell of cam

Index period 27

Means the angle needed for the 1st stop on the cam of output axis
Ex) 27: 270 degree out of 360 of the cam realizes the dividing angle in the output angle, and the remaining 90 degree makes the output axis stop

– Dividing angle is determined by the ratio of operating time: stoppage time (total tech time)
– INDXIA of Hannz Motrol is available to realize up to 72 dividing angle

Cam curve 7

SMS-3 Modified Sine– standards curve
[7] SMS-3 curve (7) is applied as a standard for cam curve code.
[8] SMCV-3 Modified Constant Velocity 50

– Other cam curves and order-made specifications need to be separately inquired.

Direction of Cam rotation R

R : Output rotates counter-clock wise when the input rotates in a normal direction
L : Output rotates clockwise when the input rotates in a normal direction

– If regular or opposite rotation of the driving source are not possible after applied to the interlocking devices such as a cases of attaching the plate cam, a care has to be taken on selection of rotation direction.

Number of dwell blank No indication: 1 dwell (standard one)
2 : 2 dwell (2 stops in the output axis of each rotation in the input axis)
3 : 3 dwell (3 stops in the output axis of each rotation in the input axis)
Specifications of the output axis S S : Standard (Standard specifications)
L : Torque shield installed type (*torque limiter is option)
Option specifications M

M : Type installed with geared motor

Specification of the input axis 3 1: Input axis in the T-surface only
2 : Input axis in the U-surface only
3 : Input axis in both surfaces
Mounting holes VW

VW : tapped hole on V and W surfaces

Mounting position 1~5 – GL : Ground level
– Location of oil gauge, oil filling and drain hole position need to be changed depending on the mounting position.
Special specifications /X Indicate whether there is special specification.
– Follow requirements from the initial agreement including the additional exterior process or special specifications of the cam curve or index period degree