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Thiết bị này song song với các trục đầu vào và đầu ra với số lượng điểm dừng nhỏ bao gồm 1, 2 và 3 điểm dừng

Khi hai tấm cam được đưa vào trục quay, trục đầu ra bắt đầu quay cùng với bộ cam. Khi so sánh thiết bị này với cam Geneva song song với trục đầu vào và đầu ra, Chỉ số song song ở sản phẩm này nổi trội hơn về các tính năng động lực học, độ chính xác và đặc tính tải trên bộ phận.

Item Example Specific explanation
Format HP Means the type of device
Size 200K

Means the distance between input and output axis (mm)

– As for HP type model, 100 to 400mm are prepared

Number of division 01

Means the number of stop per output axis for each rotation of the input axis

– Up to 8 stops are available depending on the specifications of dwell of cam

Index period 27

Means the angle needed for the 1st stop on the output axis
Ex) 27: 270 degree out of 360 of the cam realizes the dividing angle in the output angle, and the remaining 90 degree makes the output axis stop

– Dividing angle is determine by the ratio of operating time: stoppage time (total tech time)

Cam code curve 2 [2] MS deformed pattern angle curve – standard specification curve
[3] MCV50 deformed constant velocity curve
[5] MCV25 deformed constant velocity curve
Cam rotation direction A

Means rotate direction of output shaft, which following for rotate direction of input shaft

– If interlocked with device such as other plate cam that normal or opposite direction of rotation in the driving force are not available, Please care has to be taken when selecting the direction.

Number of dwell blank No indication: 1 dwell (standard one)
2 : 2 dwell (2 stops in the output axis of each rotation in the input axis)
Specifications of the output axis S S : Standard (Standard specifications)
L : Torque shield installed type (*torque shield is option)
Specification of the input axis 2

1: Input axis in the T-side[R1] input on the T side of reducer

2 : Input axis in the U-side[R2] input on the U side of reducer

3 : Input axis in both sides[R3] input on both sides of reducer

Mounting holes VW VW : tapped hole on V and W surfaces
Mounting position 1~6 – GL : Ground Level
– Location of oil gauge, oil cup and drain area need to be changed depending on the mounting position. A care has to be taken.
Special specifications /X Indicate whether there is special specification.
– Follow requirements from the initial agreement including the additional exterior process or special specifications of the cam curve or index period