Giá định tâm Peacock

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 Bench Centers
High-accuracy eccentricity tester used to measure eccentricity of articles over a wide
  range of rotary cutting tools, arbors, crankshafts, gears, piston heads or grinding stones
  and to check circles for roundness.
Model OA
Max. diameter ; 300mm
Model OB
Max. diameter ; 800mm


Model Max. diameter
( mm )
Workpiece max.
diameter ( mm )
Center to center
( mm )
Total width
( mm )
Total height
( mm )
Center taper type
and number
Total weight
( kg )
OA 300 230 Approx. 875 Approx. 335 500 Morse Taper, No.2 51
OB 800 180 1140 Approx. 360 470 Morse Taper, No.2 75