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Magnetic Holders

The magnetic holder holds a dial gauge
  using the attractive forced of the magnet
  fit in the base.
  It has features of being compact, simple
  to handle and stable in holding.
The YMH-1 is for general dial gauges and
  the YMH-2 is for lever type dial gauges.

Model YMH-1
( Dial Gauge is furnished )

Magnetic holder-YMH-1

Model YMH-2
( Pic Test Holder PTH-1 is not furnished )


Model Base ( mm ) Magnetic
power ( kg )
Suitable indicators
Width Length Height
YMH-1 37 100 18 10 For general dial gauges
YMH-2 39 100 19 10 For lever type dial gauges

Examples ( YMH-1 )   ( unit ; mm )
Examples ; YMH-1 Examples ; YMH-1 Examples ; YMH-1
Measurement surface
in parallel direction

High surface in      
parallel direction

Low surface in       
parallel direction

  Examples ; YMH-1 Examples ; YMH-1
  Measurement at various       
angles in parallel directions
Measurement surface
in vertical direction