Giải pháp tra keo FANCORT cho robot UR

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Quick Start Dispense Kit
All you need to setup and begin dispensing with your UR robot.
The FD-100 dispense kit comes complete with everything you need to begin dispensing most low to medium viscosity (100-400,000 centipoise) materials. It comes with a range of needles.  To get started bolt on the bracket syringe assembly, plug in the controller and connect the pressure tubs and you can begin running.  Follow our step by step guide to selecting the correct tip, starting pressure, and robot speed, then refine from there to get your ideal automated deposition.

Advanced Kits
Fancort offers advanced kits or complete systems to fit a large array of applications. Advanced kits typically include a precision valve(s) that are designed for increase accuracy and consistency versus the standard syringe.  Optional accessories may include one our hundreds of precision valves, advanced controllers, reservoirs, and fault sensors.

Kit selection tool
When purchasing one of our kits we recommend using our kit selection tool at before buying a kit. This will confirm that the base kit will work for you and if an upgrade option is available or even necessary for best results.