Dụng cụ đo độ cứng cao su Asker Type A / AL

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Standards: JIS K 6253; JIS K 7215; ASTM D 2240; ISO 7619 ; ISO 868; DIN 53505
Indication range: 0 point – 100 point (262 degree dial scale)
Minimum indication: 1 point (Accuracy : ±1 point)
Indentor Design (mm): Height: 2.50 35°Angle Flat Cone Point 0.79 Dia.
Spring Forces [mN(g)]: 0 point:550(56)
100 point:8050(821)
Central hole of diameter of Pressure foot: Φ3
Pressure foot Dimension (mm): 44×18(Rectangular)
Outer Dimension (mm): Approx. Width 57×Depth 30×Height 76
Weight (g): 200
Application: general rubber, soft plastic

Outer Dimension (mm)