Đèn chớp Sugawara MS-G8010

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Main optical specifications
Model MS-G8010
Output wavelength 240 to 1100+nm
Flashlamp life 1×108 Flashes
Flash duration 2 to 8 μsec
Optical filter Interchangeable
General specifications
Model MS-G8010
Maximum continuous output power 80 W
Maximum flashlamp output 1 J/F (max 80 Hz)
Maximum flash frequency (Input energy to flashlamp) 200 Hz (0.4 J/F)
Flash failure signal output Photocoupler
Power supply 24 V±1 VDC
Power consumption Max. 150 VA
Trigger signal Photocoupler or Open collector
Intensity control By adjuster on front panel or external signal (analog/digital)
Dimensions (W×H×D) 140×160×300 mm
Mass 5 kg
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