Ozaki (Peacock) Thông báo các model ngừng sản xuất đến 12/2017

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Discontinued Model
Model No._Description
AS-5 Addition-Subtraction Counter (0.01mm)  Discontinued
AS-5S Addition-Subtraction Counter (0.001mm)  Discontinued
AS-6 Counter for Radius of Curvature (0.001mm)  Discontinued
AS-8 Multiplier Setting (0.001mm/0.01mm)  Discontinued
CB-640 Counter Board (0.01mm)  Discontinued
CB-640S Counter Board (0.001mm)  Discontinued
C-5 Digital Counter (0.005mm)  Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
C-5 R/L Digital Counter w/Reset & Latch (0.005mm)  Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
C-5S Digital Counter (0.001mm)  Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
C-5S R/L Digital Counter w/Reset & Latch (0.001mm)  Discontinued (Only stock is supplied)
C-5SS Digital Counter (0.5µm)  Discontinued
CM-5B Digital Counter with Judgement Function  Discontinued
CS-10 Personal Measure (0.01mm)  Discontinued
CS-10N Personal Measure (0.001″)  Discontinued
COM-5 Digital Comparator  Discontinued
COM-6 Digital Comparator  Discontinued
CP-5 Counter with Preset Function (0.005mm)  Discontinued
CP-5S Counter with Preset Function (0.001mm)  Discontinued
D-10N Linear Gauge (0.005mm)  Discontinued
D-20N Linear Gauge (0.005mm)  Discontinued
DA-4 D/A Converter  Discontinued
DG-127 Digital Gauge (0.01mm)  Discontinued
DG-205 Digital Gauge (0.001mm)  Discontinued
DG-257 Digital Gauge (0.01mm)  Discontinued
G2-205 Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
G2-205M Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
G2-257 Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
G2-257M Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
GH-127 Digital Hole Gauge  Discontinued
HS-25 Horizontal Stands  Discontinued
IF-8 RS-232C Interface Adapter  Discontinued
JA-205 Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
JA-257 Digital Thickness Gauge  Discontinued
K1-257 Digital Sheet Gauge  Discontinued
OB Bench Center  Discontinued
P2-127 Digital Pipe Gauge  Discontinued
P2-257 Digital Pipe Gauge  Discontinued
PC-1LW Pic Test Indicator (Double Dial Type)  Discontinued
PDN-20 Digital Gauge  Discontinued
PDN-50 Digital Gauge  Discontinued
PDP-1 Printer  Discontinued
PDP-1N Printer  Discontinued
PP-4 Max, Min, Peak/Peak Counter  Discontinued
PP-4S Max, Min, Peak/Peak Counter  Discontinued
PP-5 Blade/Tooth Height Counter (0.001mm)  Discontinued
R1-127 Digital Upright Gauge  Discontinued
R1-205 Digital Upright Gauge  Discontinued
R1-257 Digital Upright Gauge  Discontinued
SCB-3 Signal Controller  Discontinued
SG-300 Precision Slope Gage  Discontinued
SG-450 Precision Slope Gage  Discontinued
SG-500 Precision Slope Gage  Discontinued
SG-600 Precision Slope Gage  Discontinued
SIS-4 Dial Gauge Stand  Discontinued
SIS-6 Dial Gauge Stand  Discontinued
T1-205 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T1-257 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T2-127 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T2-205W Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T2-257W Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T3-127 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T5-127 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
T6-127 Digital Depth Gauge  Discontinued
SVH-100 Precision gaging equipment for Vertical & Horizontal  Discontinued
SVH-70 Precision gaging equipment for Vertical & Horizontal  Discontinued
VH-40 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
VH-110 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
VH-175 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
VH-200 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
VH-240 Dial Plumb Bob (VH Series)  Discontinued
XYZ-3 3 axes Counter  Discontinued
XYZ-3B 3 axes Counter with Printer  Discontinued
YM-1 Magnetic Stand  Discontinued
YM-2 Magnetic Stand  Discontinued
YMH-2 Magnetic Holder  Discontinued
107-MG Dial Gauge  Discontinued
107-MGA Dial Gauge  Discontinued
4620 Inch Scale Dial Thickness Gages (0.001″)  Discontinued
5C Dial Gauge  Discontinued