Đồng hồ đo áp suất SMC

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SMC offers a variety of pressure gauges including general purpose, oil-free/external parts copper-free with limit indicator, clean series and a pressure gauge with a pressure switch.  Pressure ranges vary from 0 to 1.5MPa, depending on the selected gauge.  Panel mounting is possible.

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The pressure differential at the inlet and the outlet of compressed air equipment can be viewed at a glance on the pressure differential gauge. It is ideal for the maintenance control of filters. Compact and lightweight, it can be installed easily by merely providing a bypass circuit. GD40 is provided with a protective cover to prevent hazards.

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GP46 pressure gauge has been combined with a built in pressure switch.  It is available with or without an indicator light to confirm switch operation.  Options include a clear cover ring assembly and 3m lead wire length.

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Series GS40 is a pressure sensor with LCD readout, push-button calibration and open collector output. GS40 has multiple features including pressure sensor and switch in one compact body; economical use of space; simplified operation and combined functions.