Hệ thống tự động hóa cao SMC HAS-200

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Each of the HAS-200 system stations carries out part of the process.

• HAS-201: Multi-coloured container feeding

This station supplies the system with empty containers to be filled with multicoloured beads in the production stations. >> (more)

• HAS-202, HAS-203 y HAS-204: Production

The production stations perform the feeding, filling and weighing of the blue (HAS-202), yellow (HAS-203) and red (HAS-204) containers, respectively. This also enables filling the multi-coloured containers coming from station HAS-201.>> (more)

• HAS-205 y HAS-206: Checking

These two stations have to measure the height of the raw material contained in the containers. The HAS-205 station uses a linear encoder for measuring, whilst the HAS-206 station takes the measurement using a linear potentiometer. >> (more)
• HAS-207: Lid positioning

In this station the lid is positioned on the container and a label is printed with the manufacturing date and/or other information in order to identify the final product. >> (more)

• HAS-208: Vertical storage

This station makes it possible to store containers, either semi-manufactured or as a finished product. It can hold up to 81 containers. The storage cells are arranged vertically. >> (more)

• HAS-209: Horizontal storage

This station stores containers, either semi-manufactured or as a finished product. It can hold up to 56 containers. The storage cells are arranged horizontally. >> (more)

• HAS-210: Palletizing

This station removes the final product from the process, placing it in two ramps for palletizing and dispatch. >> (more)

• HAS-211: Raw material store

This station allows the storage of raw material: containers, lids and “pearls” in different colours: blue, yellow and red. >> (more)

• HAS-212: Recycling station

This station classifies the mixed raw material used in HAS-200 according to the colour. >> (more)

• Control cabinet

This includes the general air supply and electric network, general emergency and switch the Ethernet network. >> (more)