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Originally founded in 1918 as Densen Works to manufacture wires, cables and copper products on the premises of Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi Cable became an independent spin-off of Hitachi in 1956. Since then, it has played a pivotal role within the Hitachi Group as a manufacturer of electric wires and cables-components essential for ensuring a stable power supply, as well as reliable equipment for the information and communications industry-while striving to develop and refine the new communication and transmission technologies demanded by the information and energy sectors. Today, Hitachi Cable offers a wide range of products and services, including products ranging from electric wires, cables, and copper products to electronic materials, automobile parts, and even information network devices and system integration solutions. Its long continued expansion of operations internationally has given Hitachi Cable production and sales bases in 44 locations around the world, with the concomitant capacity to support client operations from a truly global perspective.

Hitachi Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) wire is especially designed for cutting hard metals using the EDM process. Featuring superior electric properties, EDM Wire is the first choice for high-speed machining and cutting projects requiring surface precision. Composition Lead and other impurities degrade the performance of electrode wires. We have kept these at a minimum, using closely examined materials to improve electric discharge. High dimentional precision We use a diamond dice of precisely controlled hole diameter to limit wire diameter tolerance and roundness tolerance. Theses are both limited to 1µm. Stable machinical performance Both hardness and soft (annealed) material show a high stable value tensile strength with little deviation. High surface quality All our EDM Wire types feature a smooth flawless surface, free from irregularities. Hitachi EDM Wire has been subjected to a unique surface treatment ensuring that no brass powder (chips) are generated. High cutting speed Based on a process to optimize the percentage of Zine, which improves discharging properties, cutting speed can be increased (by up to 10%) under the same processing condition.