Động cơ servo Nidec 2kW MM202

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MM202 Motor Model MM202N2 (Without brake)
MM202A2 (With brake)
Thông số kỹ thuật
Item Unit Specifications
Rotor inertia Middle
Fitting flange size mm 130 sq.
Approximate mass
Without brake
With brake 9.8
Compatible amplifier model DB68C1
Voltage V AC200–240 V
Rated output W 2,000
Rated torque N・m 9.55
Instantaneous maximum torque N・m 28.6
Rated current (stall current) A 11.9
Instantaneous maximum current A 35.7
Rated revolving speed r/min 2,000
Maximum revolving speed r/min 3,000
Torque constant N・m/A 0.85
Induced voltage constant per phase mV/(r/min) 29.6
Rated power rate
Without brake
With brake 87.9
Mechanical time
Without brake
With brake 0.69
Electrical time constant ms 12.2
Rotor moment of
Without brake
×10ˉ⁴ kg・m²
With brake 10.38


Brake Specifications
Item Unit Specifications
Usage Holding
Rated voltage V DC24 V±10%
Rated current A 1.0
Static friction torque N・m ≧ 9.55
Suction time ms ≦ 120
Release time ms ≦ 30
Release voltage V ≧ DC1 V
Permissible Load
Item Unit Specifications
Radial N 490
Thrust N 196